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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wet n Wild Megalast Review....

Hello all!

Let me first off say, I am VERY hard on my hands!  In my line of work I was my hands MILLIONS of times a day... So it is very tough to find a polish that withstands the abuse.  I recently in the past year fell in love with Shellac.. and I can honestly say I am madly, deeply, in love with it.  I can actually end up getting 6 weeks out of a Shellac manicure.  However, I have recently moved and have not unpacked my Shellac gift certificates to the girl I go to, and was in desperate need of some polish before going out for Valentine's Day, so I found this polish at Walgreen's and the price was right.

The polish I am speaking of is the Wet n Wild Megalast in Wet Cement.  This polish promised a lot.  Their display promises 5 days of chip resistant wear, and they had a cute selection of colors.  Apparently, they have a new formula that is supposed to adhere well and have less of an effect on the nail... for the full 411 check out their webpage Wet n Wild Megalast .  What I did really enjoy was their "pro brush".  Many companies have "pro-brushes" and they were cool, far better than old school, traditional nail polish brushes, but they were still not awesome.... I will say the only really awesome thing about the Megalast was its brush.  It was the wider brush, typically penned "pro-brush", but unlike any "pro brush" I had seen before (including those in much pricier brands), this brush had rounded edges...HELLO GENIUS! It was far easier with this brush to "stay within the lines" when painting my nails, including my non-dominant hand with this wider rounded brush.  I will admit that because of the brush I feel the polish went on smoother and easier, but that is where my love affair with the brush ended.....

I painted one coat of the polish, painted another, added a top coat (OPI) and then chose to add two lil gems to each of my ring fingers.  I waited about an hour before doing ANYTHING  (the 4th hour of the Today Show was on anyways...) and then it was 6 hours later before I got ready to go out.  I got a shower and this is where the disappointment began... After shampooing my hair the polish began to peel back... not chip, not crack, no more like roll up on itself... you know how peel off polish from when you were a little girl would do... It was noticeable to me, but nothing tooo crazy, so I didn't fix it before going out.  By half way through the next day though I had notice it pulling back more, and the next day I had full on chips going on....  Needless to say I did not get 5 days of chip resistance out of this polish as advertised... Now I realize they say RESISTANT not proof, but still... I didn't even get ONE day out of it let alone FIVE! And the first day was a cake walk for my nails... they saw no real action.

Below are the timeline of pictures taken throughout my experience with Wet n Wild Megalast...

This is the polish, cute. The bottle was easy to hold.

One coat.

Two coats + OPI top coat.

With added gem stones, because why not?!

After one day..ACK!!

After a week.

<3 & Make Up,


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