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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Birchbox February 2012

My first Birchbox has arrived! I was really looking forward to this one it took a little longer than expected to get here, but that's ok stuff happens sometimes so I understand that. Well lets dive in....

This is how it comes in this brown box, with tissue paper inside it was a pretty silver paper, and then a few item were wrapped up in a gold paper with a pretty ribbon tied around it.
This is what the contents looked like. I am happy with the value and relevance to my interests. The only disappointment was I know some girls got the beauty blender, and if you got one I am jealous!! lol :)

This card comes with each box and tells you the theme of the products for the month. So this month was "Spotlight".

I received two "lifestyle extras" this is the first one which is a card that on the back has the site to retrieve your free 6 songs to download from the indie rock band Green River Ordinance.

The second was this Chuao Chocolatier spicy maya chocopod. It was dark chocolate with Chile and cayenne pepper, and if you can tell from the pic me and my hubby already ate it lol. It was surprisingly very good I might add.

The first beauty item was this Benta Berry G-1 moisturizing face cream. It is supposed to regulate oil levels while keeping the skin matte and moisturized, so I am very interested in this product because this is something I struggle with.

Next was this perfume sample from Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. And the best thing is this is a little spray bottle which is a nice touch. And it smells amazing, its wild berries, mandarin and soft floral notes.

This item is the blemish clearing serum by Juice Beauty its supposed to take care of blemishes while being organic and not harsh on your skin.

Last but not least this is designer liner by Eye Rock. I am so excited to test these out, I am not very good with liquid liner so these will give me that look and with such an artistic flair too!

Well that is my first Birchbox. I am trying this one out too to see which of the sample services I like the best. And I have found in getting this the liners for example are a product I would have been too shy to spend the money and try out. And now I am going to so it is helping me discover new products that I might not have heard of or have heard of and hadn't wanted to splurge without knowing if it is right for me. So stay tuned there are more reviews to come. If you want to know what I thought about a specific product please let me know and I will be happy to review for you. Thanks ladies!!


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