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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello from Christina!

Hello all! This is the second half of this blog, Christina... Finally had a moment to stop and say hi. A little about me... I work full & a half time... Two jobs, you know what the cool kids do! Actually, I am doing both while searching for the dream job. Or something that resembles it anyways. This does not leave me much time for daily beauty routines. I like to think I have mine down solid, but recently have not branched out to try many new things. That is what I am hoping will be a great benefit go joining up with Emily on this blog... Trying new and exciting products! That and I live to talk and meet new people, so u am really hoping that we can make this a great discussion place about reviews, products, and life for the beauty conscious girl without a second to spare! I hope to hear from you all soon & don't forget to have your friends subscribe too!

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